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About Us

All Precious Pawz, LLC Really Just Evolved Based on the Needs of Our Family!! We Didn't Always Walk Our Dogs....We Used to Assume That They Were Getting Enough Exercise Playing in Our Back Yard!! Once We Did Start Walking Them Regularly - What a Difference!! Our Dogs Changed So Much!! Now They Are So Mellow Because They Get To Use Their Energy Up!! While They Are Walking They Get To See Birds and Squirrels...They Get to See Kids Playing...People Walking..They Love It!! ....It Made Me Wonder - Why Hadn't We Walked Them Before. Oh Yea...I Remember... We Were Working All The Time!! We Never Had The Time Or The Energy To Walk Them On a Regular Basis. Now We Do!! Now That We See The Difference It Made In Our Dogs - It Has Become A Passion That We Want to Share With Others...Life is So Hectic These Days and There Are So Many People That Just Don't Have The Time Or Energy to Properly Exercise Their Pets!! Working Too Many Hours, Too Many Commitments or Just Can't Physically Do It Anymore...Whatever the Reason...Don't Let Your Pet Suffer!! Not Getting Enough Daily Exercise can Snow Ball into Behavior And/Or Aggression Issues. Your Dog Is Totally Dependent On You to Provide For Them!! Let Us Walk Your Dogs!! Once You Try Us - You'll Be Saying...Why Didn't I Do This Sooner!! You Will Notice a Difference in Your Dogs!! There is Nothing Worse Than to Come Home From Work Both Mentally and Physically Exhausted Only To Open the Door And Find That Fido Has Once Again "RE-Arranged" The House Because He Had Too Much Time and Energy!! Or Fido Is Bouncing Off The Walls Because He Hasn't Taken A Long Enough Walk!! You Know He Needs A Walk But You Just Don't Have It In You!! You Owe It To Both Your Pets and Yourself To Give Us A Call!! You'll Be Glad You Did!!

We Also Realized That We Had Stopped Going Out of Town!! We Didn't Want to Board Our Babies!! We Also Couldn't Afford it!! 5 Dogs - You Do The Math!! Spend A Fortune Just for them To Sit in a Cold, Strange Place While We Were Supposed to Be Having Fun But Instead Were Worried Sick About the Care They were Getting and Felt Guilty if We DID Have Fun Because We Knew They Were Miserable!!! I Don't Think So!! Give Us a Call!! Now You Have Peace of Mind And Can Take That Vacation, Or Go Out of Town For The Week-End Because Your Babies Will Be Getting Excellent, Quality Care and Love!! Even If You Just Need Someone to Come Over and Let Your Babies Out, Feed Them and Love on Them Because Your Friends Called At The Last Minute To Invite You Out!! Now You Don't Have to Give Them The Same Excuse - "I Have to Go Home and Feed My Pets!!" Heck - Now You Can Do the Calling and Invite Your Friends Out!!

As A Result, All Precious Pawz, LLC was Created!! But We Didn't Want to be "Just Another Pet Care Company"!!

We Knew That If Peace of Mind Was Important To Us - Then It Would Be Important To Most People. To Ensure Peace Of Mind We Had to Make Sure We Offered a Quality Service. To Offer A Quality Service, You Have To Make Sure You Know What You Are Doing...And You Should Have The Credentials To Prove It!! So We Took The Time To Get Formally Trained And Certified Because Your Pet and Your Peace of Mind are Worth It!! And Because It Does Make A Difference!! Our Company is Founded on the Belief that it Takes More Than Just "Loving Animals" to Provide Quality Pet Care. Along with Passion, Experience and Love - You Need Training & Certification. This is What Sets Us Apart From Many Companies -We ARE Certified in Dog Walking and Pet Sitting and Have a Certification of Completion in Pet First Aid from the American Red Cross. We Also are Continually Advancing Our Skills Because We Strive to Be Better. We Believe Your Babies Deserve the Best Possible Care and Providing That Care is Our Only Business. We are Here to Serve Your Family.

We Also Wanted To Be Affordable!!

For The Multi-Pet Owner: Our Pet Sitting Prices Are The Same Rate Whether You Have 1 Pet or 5 Pets. There Are NO EXTRA PER PET FEES!!

Our Dog Walking Rates Increase Only Minimally And ONLY After The Second Dog!! We Also Do Not Charge or Add a Charge For Different Types of Services. We Charge For The Length of the Visit - Not For What We Are Doing!! We Will Do What is Needed To Help You Care For Your Pet!! If You Need a Service For Your Pet That Is Not Listed/Offered, Please Ask Us!!

Quality Care at Affordable Prices!! It Just Don't Get Any Better Than That!!

We Look Forward to Meeting & Caring For Your Family!!


DogTec Dog Walking Academy CERTIFIED Dog Walker

NAPPS - National Association of Professional Pet Sitters

Member of Professional United Pet Sitters