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In This Day and Time When There Are So Many Pets That Have Been Given Up For Adoption Because Their Owners Could No Longer Afford Them If You Are Looking For A Pet...Please Go To Your Local Shelter or SPCA To Adopt Your Pet. Please Do Not Buy Your Pet From a Pet Store. Most Pet Stores Buy Their Puppies From Puppy Mills or Back Yard Breeders. When We Got Ready to Buy Our First Dogs We Did Our Research and Contacted a Lot of "Reputable Breeders" and When It Was All Said and Done I Did Not See Much of a Difference Between A Back Yard Breeder or a So-Called Reputable Breeder. It seemed like the Reputable Breeders Were Pumping Out the Puppies as Fast as the Back Yard Breeders - only They Kept the Quality Dogs for Show and Sold the "Inferior Dogs". They Still Had the Puppy Mill Mentality as I Call It. Many "Reputable Breeders" Also Offer a "Health Guarantee"....but This Guarantee Requires that You Send the Dog Back to Them in the Event of Health Issues. Most Health Issues Won't Show up Right Away, and These Breeders are Banking on the Fact That You and Your Family Are Going to Fall In Love With Your You are Not Going to Give it Back!! So Please, If You are Going to Get A Pet, Please Visit Your Local SPCA or Local Rescue Group or Shelter to Adopt a Pet. A Mixed Breed Pet Can Give As Much Love as a Pure Bred Animal!!

If You Must Buy From a Breeder, Please Do Your Homework!! Please Research The Breed as Well as The Breeder!! All Breeds Are Prone to Certain Diseases and You Need to Know What You Could Be in For!!

Please Also Spay Or Neuter Your Pet!! It Helps Prevent Certain Diseases and There are So Many Abandoned Animals!!

Please Also Micro-Chip Your Pet!! Hurricane Katrina Should of Taught All of Us 

What Can Happen!!

Please Also Consider Getting a Magnet/Sticker to Put in Your Window to Let FireFighters/Police Know That There are Pets Inside the Home and How Many There Because Time Is Precious In An Emergency!!

http://www.Muttigrees.Org - To Register Your Mixed Breed Dog!!

http://www.SPCAFl.Org/ - To Adopt A Pet or Volunteer Your Time!!

Please Also Think About Donating to Your Local Rescue Shelter. There are Many Items That You May Just Throw Away But Are Really Needed by These Shelters. For Example, Sheets, Towels, Blankets, etc. When You Go the Store and You See a Sale on Dish Soap or Paper Towels, Pick Up an Extra One to Donate To Your Local Shelter. I Have Listed The Website of a Rescue Shelter for Pets That is Located on The South Side of St Pete. Even If You Do Not Use My Services, Please Take a Look At Their Website, Especially Their Wish list, and If You Have Some Items You Would Like to Donate, but Do Not Have the Time to Take Them There, Please Give Me a Call!! I Will Gladly Stop By and Pick Them Up at Your Convenience and Donate Them in Your Name!!

FloridaPets.Net Is a Great Website That is a Wealth of Pet Friendly Information For Both Florida Residents and Visitors To Our Great State.

Another Great Pet Website!

Proudly listed in Their Directory

Also Listed In "The Pet Sitter Directory"